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Barral® is an emollient for skin made out of 3 ingredients White bee wax; Paraffine; and Lanolina without any perfume

This is a Portuguese product from 1850s, it's a very fatty emoillent containing white bee wax, this product is designed to reinforce the skin cutaneous barrier, as well as hydrating and retaining water in the deep layers of the skin. Increases regeneration and integrity of the skin.
+ 61% replacement of the fatty acids on the skin versus a cream moisturizer.
+ 58% hydration of the skin.
+ 44%, skin elasticity.

Chemical Structure
3 ingredients: White bee wax; Paraffine; and Lanolina
Drug Class
skin lubrifiant: emollient
Mechanisms of action
Due to it's fatty consistency it is able to reach the deep layers of the skin

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